Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Fool Again

Seek and you shall find, that is the message. Here The Fool stands poised to take that step into the unknown. The dog at her feet is in fact a fox, a wild but wise creature. His is the small voice of reason. The birds though are ready to take flight, to accompany her as she steps off the precipice and into new ventures. Below her are other wild things. They beckon her as all wild things beckon to me. I am too old now, I know, to step off into the unknown, but the woods, fields, and all the wild creatures of my youth beckon still. So, maybe I can take the leap, albeit in my dreams and in my imagination. So, I, too, plunge into the blue, into the yet unknown depths of my art, writing, and poetry. The wild ones sharpen my minds eye so that I can capture the elusive images with my camera, my pencils, and my pens. So I can see again with clarity. This is The Fool's message to me. Stephanie Pui-Mun Law states it so well. Unheeding she steps forward and........


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  1. I for one will be applauding as you plunge headlong into unknown depths of your art, writing and poetry.