Monday, August 2, 2010

The Lover

The Lover
by Heather Blakey

The group who are exploring the symbolism of the Tarot are currently examining the card of the Lovers. The Rider Waite card adopts the Garden of Eden perspective while other decks present the issue of making a choice in other ways. The Marseilles Deck, for example, dramatizes a specific and human problem. It reveals one young man involved with two women and no figure is depicted as being godlike. Rather they are appear to be ordinary human beings.

In the drawing depicted here I am raising the whole question of choice and, if indeed, we do have to choose between the various selves that reside within. Given the Judgment of Paris it is perhaps advisable to become innovative when dealing with our internal archetypes.

To expand your exploration and explore the union of the female and male consider reading On The Way To The Wedding. Linda Leonard writes about the longing for a true wedding, one that unites two beings in a sacred search for meaning in life. Exploring dreams, personal experiences, myths and fairy tales, and themes from films and literature, the author uncovers the inner obstacles to love and creativity as experienced by both men and women.


  1. Gosh, that's a wonderful image, Heather. I adore the little fire. The girls look amazing. A good take on the Lovers card.

  2. Great image, Heather. I see the two women as opposites. The seated one is more careful, slower to trust. The body language of other tells me that she is ready to jump into a relationship with the young man. I see a little of myself in both women, though more so like the seated one. I tend to hesitate and perhaps that is a failing because I miss much. On the other hand perhaps it keeps me out of trouble.

    Dreams, Myths, and Fairy Tales. I am filled to bursting when thinking about such things which are perhaps beyond the veil of everyday practical thought. Fairy Tales are closest to my heart as I was taught by my dad to believe in the little beings that exist on periphery of our lives. Stephanie Pui-Mun Law is one of my most favorite artists. Her watercolors of the fairies and the realm they exist in are beyond wonderful. It is strange indeed that you should mention fairies in your post because just this morning I discovered she has a Tarot Deck which I immediately ordered. I should have it within a week.