Friday, July 23, 2010



The Journey Always Begins
With The Fool
by Heather Blakey

"Imagine yourself entering a strange landscape. A world of magicians, of people hanging upside down and of dancers in the bright air. You can enter through a leap from a height, through a dark cave, a labyrinth or even by climbing down a rabbit hole chasing a Victorian rabbit with a pocket watch" Rachel Pollack - Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom.

Imagine you are stepping through a portal! A fool's errand? A journey for the fool hardy? A fool's paradise? Certainly a fool's license to wax lyrical!

Those who have spontaneously stepped through the portal and entered the landscape of archetypes know what riches they can return with.


  1. Absolutely wonderful, Heather.

  2. your drawings for this new adventure are fantastic

  3. Those of us who are travelers of the imagination are the recipients of so many surprising gifts. Your drawings, Heather, are such gifts as are your words and the ideas you sow in our fertile minds.


  4. Oh how I love your Fool. He looks like someone I could travel the roads to enlightenment with!

  5. I know this Fool will gain enlightment.

  6. oh your Fool made me smile broadly with delight - i love the image you have created and the fact that you highlight spontaneity - leaping off the proverbial cliff again :)