Sunday, July 18, 2010

In the Moment


Guiding Star
by Heather Blakey

Once upon a time, all of five minutes ago, the Star of Hope popped out of my Tarot Deck. Even those who know nothing about Tarot find the Star a source of comfort. Having the Star appear after undergoing such a storm of upheaval helps to explain the sense of calm, the emptiness that I have been feeling since Mum's death. As Rachel Pollock says, everything about the star 'speaks of wholeness, openness and healing."

The Star is not a card of action. It is enough that it mirrors the way I feel at this moment, a moment which is to become a 'once upon a time' moment. The Star speaks of inner calm and for now it is enough to sit with my calm.

Sit quietly, meditate upon how you are feeling. Draw a card and see if the card or the interpretations provided by your favorite book, mirror that feeling or guide you. Listen to the quiet whispers and just be in the moment.

Please feel free to use the comment tool to add to my brief reading and provide further insight on the meaning of the Star.


  1. There is something about stars that resonate in each of us --- perhaps because we are made of the same material as stars.

    I'm going to try this meditation.

  2. I'm really excited about being part of this group and can't wait until I get my deck and books.

    Thank you, Heather for making this all possible.


  3. I pulled the Four of Cups. According to my references, it is a card of apathy and self-absorption. Ouch! It is also a card that signifies disappointment with life. Well, to be honest, there are parts of my life that I find a disappointment -- but don't we all in some respect. There is hope in this card, though: while the person under the tree looks with dissatisfaction at the empty cups before him, there is another cup coming from the ether, holding what presumably is a full cup. If only the man under the tree would look up and away. I think for me that I run the risk of becoming too self-absorbed with my art and meditation. I need to get out more and interact with others -- perhaps get back involved with some community activities -- activities which in the past have worn me out. Balance: it is all about balance.

    A very beneficial meditation.

  4. There is such depth in her eyes showing that she has lived and learnt much, and now she sits beneath the star to ponder it all, not necessarily to think or analze it, but rather to just let it all be, and wait.......

  5. I missed this post somehow in the flood of emails that have arrived in my inbox regarding this group. I really like your drawing - there is such a look of calm yt questioning (or should I say - questing) intelligence.
    I like your meditation prompt - I''ll follow it and see what come up for me.