Sunday, July 25, 2010

Offering Guidance and Solace

It is the 25th of July, just one month since my mother's passing. Now with two pillars removed from my life, my husband and mother, a feeling of emptiness and loneliness engulfs me. I long for the day when I will wake feeling whole again.

I turn to the cards and consider the dull pain that has been with me for so long. The Queen of Wands appears and I am reminded of a drawing I did some time ago that captures her essence and my grief.

Wrapped in my soul coat, the wand in my hand, I walk on alone.

The Queen of wands is industrious, creative, versatile, strong willed and talented. She is self contained and stable, holding her great strength and energy within, devoting herself to those things to which she has given her heart

The Queen of Wands has the strength and ingenuity to rule her domain creatively.

At this time I open the door to the Queen of Wands, willing to take her guidance and solace.


  1. Well, Heather, this is simply powerful and superb. Beautiful image. Your mother and husband are watching over your moves, and know you will do well, wherever the creative path leads.

  2. Thanks Monika. I do like to think they are on the watch tower. Maybe they are perched on that bright cluster of stars I see just above me.

  3. Heather, I hope that in some small way we are able to ease that loneliness and emptiness. Like Monika, I believe that your husband and mother are watching over you.

  4. Each of you do ease the pain. Soul Food has sustained me through some very difficult years and continues to do so. Thanks for being here Megan.

  5. I agree with 4ravens and Imogen in that your loved ones are watching over you. They can communicate with you in ways only you will come to understand...perhaps through the cards, or maybe in other ways, but they are close by and you will hear them.


  6. I gasped with I first saw this. This woman, even in all her grief, exudes power. This image is showing me that inside of you is already a pillar of strength you can rely on. It is hard, I know, but you have it in yourself to pull through this difficult time.

    Art heals.

  7. Thank you Lori and Vi. I know, intuitively, that I will pull through and I also know that the cards are a one way to communicate with them. This journey has become very important and I am reassured as I look around and see who is accompanying me.