Monday, July 26, 2010

Inner Lunar State


Luna - Goddess of The Moon
by Heather Blakey

Carl Jung did not enter the realm of the unconscious after being moonstruck. The collective unconscious called to him through his dreams. It is possible that his richest dreaming times coincided with the lunar cycle.

According to Rachel Pollock, "in divinatory readings The Moon indicates an excitement of the unconscious." She says we "begin to experience strange emotions, dreams, fears, even hallucinations. We find ourselves more intuitive, more psychic."

When the Moon appears it is normal to be introspective. Because of its different phases the moon is thought of as being fickle and producing transitory effects. It is also perceived to be a benevolent, feminine planet, influencing emotions, impacting on all life on earth.

No one escapes the silvery touch of the moon!

Every month the moon is 'reborn', is resurrected. Here, within the safety of a group, we can pay attention to our inner lunar state, stop to consider our own phases, our inevitable waxing and waning of creative energy.

Maybe you will rummage through the shelves of old projects, gathering dust, laying silently, quietly hoping you will resurrect them; breathe life back into their limp bodies; make then luminous like the moon in all her fullness and glory.

On the other hand it may be enough to sit watching the moon this month, examining all its phases, singing hymns to this mysterious planet, the receptor of the sun's light.

Then again you might be content to examine woman's connection to the moon. Begin by going to Barbara Walker's Encyclopedia of Symbolism and check the index. There are rich entries under Moon and Moon Goddess

So many possibilities!


  1. She IS the moon! She is pensive and mysterious, like the moon. Good reading, too, Heather, at the moment this watery full moon in Aquarius relates to it perfectly.

  2. Can't sleep - silvery full moon lights the clouds and creates a waking dream outside my window.
    Turning on my computer I find your hymn to the moon and her cycles - how fitting.

  3. I have always been drawn to the moon. There is nothing like the feeling of euphoria that comes over me when I see the full moon rise above Superstition Mountain. It is an excitement that I cannot contain as I stand on my porch watching it. Then later as I lay in my bed in a room bathed in Her light. I capitalize Her because she is in my mind a Goddess. It is on such nights that my muse will not allow me to sleep as she feeds my mind with ideas.


  4. I noticed the moon as well last night. Brain-searing bright. And for the last two days I have been engaging in a long-put-off project of clearning clutter from my closet. Do I really need bank statements from 1990? I think this purge or cleansing has a LOT to do with the journey we have undertaken recently, and I AM definitely having stranger and more memorably dreams than usual. I will have to think about what I want do with the moon.....

  5. Heather love,
    This Lady Luna is perfect!! I get such joy from watching your artwork grow by leaps and bounds. Even the colours are spot-on. Well done!!!


  6. Sheis so beautiful - quiet, serene, contemplative. I think the Moon card shall be my first embroidery........but first I must meditate upon Her meaning for me.

  7. Heather, your art is just beautiful. I am going to enjoy perusing this site and studying my own deck. I love the thought of dusting off my old projects and letting them shine......

  8. Moon has always, always been my refuge, my healer, i relate strongly :)